Find Your Tribe

Real talk: life with a disability can be a major killjoy sometimes. There’s all the unwanted stares and comments from well-meaning Curious Georges, and the run-of-the-mill Creepy McCreepers. Then there’s the logistical headaches of figuring out how to make everyday activities and some more special adventures as accessible as possible, even when participating feels impossible. And don’t forget the battle against mental and physical fatigue — that can seem more tiresome than the pain and frustration itself. Too often it can feel like nobody understands such a unique life experience.

Don’t fret — disability life has some pretty cool perks, like the camaraderie between people who just “get it.” You know those people: the ones whose friendships are priceless because you don’t owe them anything. Their friendship doesn’t require complicated exclamations or tough answers to simple questions.

You see, disability life means you may be able to find and know your tribe faster and easier. Your tribe is the people who speak your language and who know what you’re feeling even when you don’t say a thing. The people who don’t say things like, “I don’t see your disability or condition…” in attempt to express acceptance, all the while dismissing a part of you. No, your people, your tribe, your forever-friends are the ones who really see you, who attempt to understand you, and who will embrace you every day. No matter if it’s a good day or a bad day, they will be there.

Written by Mollie Miller

Photo Credit: @wheeliegoodwriter



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